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Service Image Work Roll Chrome Plating is a process of electrodepositing a specified thickness of chromium onto the surface of a work roll. The unique properties of chromium – high hardness, high lubricity, wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction make chrome plating an excellent and economical choice for steel and aluminum manufacturers.



Productivity Increase

  • Increased work roll life
  • Fewer roll changes, higher tonnage per change
  • Increased rolling speed (in some cases)

Financial Savings

  • Decrease in roll grinding and texturing
  • Savings in roll inventory
  • Less handling of rolls 

Quality Improvement

  • Increased resistance to surface defects
  • Decrease of defects due to wear of surface characteristics
  • Higher cleanness of the strip (reflexivity)

Flexibility in Campaign Schedule

  • More flexibility in width schedule
  • Reuse work rolls on a second schedule

EDT texturing services

Service Image EDT Texturing is process of creating a specified texture on the surface of the work roll for steel and aluminum mills. The uniform surface finish is obtained by the application of electric current. The EDT process consists of discharging a series of sparks through electrodes onto the surface of the work roll. The texturing sparks create craters on the roll surface. Crater size depends on the amount of current applied and the amount of time in which it is applied.

Neo utilizes advanced electronic controls providing independent selection of surface roughness (Ra) and Peak Count (PC) values over a wide range of roll textures, to suit a vast range of applications. The result is a roll surface that is fully textured to a precise, specified Ra level.

ADVANTAGES OF EDT TEXTURED WORK ROLLS (over conventionally shot blasted rolls)
  • Superior roll surface characteristics
  • Reliable and repeatable process
  • Increased roll life in the mill
  • Ability to texture any type of work roll material

Excellent roll surface characteristics can be further improved by using Duplex Texturing mode. 

Work Roll Grinding Image -services page

Service Image Cylindrical roll grinding produces desired surface characteristics and profiles on cylindrical shapes. It is accomplished using various abrasive wheels as cutting tools that allow for extremely high precision surface finishes and tightly controlled geometrical profiles to be achieved and duplicated. Neo utilizes the highest level of grinding equipment to meet the tightest tolerances in the industry. As various rolls have different dimension, material and application requirements, Neo can meet the specifications for a wide range of surface finishes and roll shapes.

Mechanical Plating -services

Service Image Chrome plating extends the life of all types of mechanical parts. From process rolls to can lines, from stamping dies to cylinder shafts − the benefits of chrome plating, which include high hardness, low coefficient of friction, and resistance to corrosion are industry proven.

Bearings Inspection

Service Image Chocking, De-chocking and bearing inspection services allow for complete evaluation of the bearings and bearing housing apparatus. Bearing assemblies are disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, visually inspected for defects and precisely measured to insure ongoing performance in their respective applications.

logistics image - services

Service Image Neo offers logistic services with professional drivers and equipment specifically designed for transportation of work rolls.

Our modern equipment with GPS tracking allows us to monitor our progress, adjust driver route if necessary and meet scheduled delivery times.