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  • Providing the highest quality services
    for the steel, aluminum and Li-ion
    batteries manufacturers.

Environmental Focus

Neo installs and operates state-of-the-art emission control systems at all of our facilities worldwide. Neo Industries maintains the highest environmental safety standards in the industry. Neo’s rigorous standards are more stringent than existing regulatory standards and are specifically tighter than U.S. EPA and OSHA regulatory standards. Every Neo operation is continuously monitored and audited to ensure the well being of our employees and the communities in which we operate.
Neo is dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint. To that end, we are focused on recycling as much as possible and disposing as little as possible.

Safety Focus

At Neo, safety drives every decision.
We operate a company-wide training, tracking, and reporting system, perform internal environmental and safety audits on a regular basis, hold safety meetings every shift, maintain housekeeping through our 5-S program, have independent hazard assessments of our operations and maintain a culture that promotes and encourages employee suggestions and accountability.