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  • WE are Neo Industries
    the world leader in surface technology for work and press rolls
    Quality and service rolled into one.
  • WE are Neo Industries
    the world leader in surface technology for work and press rolls
    Quality and service rolled into one.
  • WE are Neo Industries
    the world leader in surface technology for work and press rolls
    Quality and service rolled into one.

We Offer Great Service For Our Customers.

Neo provides the highest quality services for the steel and aluminum industries. Our state-of-the-art equipment grants us the capability to quickly apply specific modifications to work rolls so they operate at peak performance for as long as possible. Through precision engineering, we can provide you with the best work rolls possible for your specific steel or aluminum manufacturing applications. See our list of services below for more details, then contact us to see how best we can help!
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Work Roll Chrome Plating

Work roll chrome plating is a process of electrodepositing a specified thickness of chromium onto the surface of a work roll. The unique properties of chromium – high hardness, high lubricity, wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction – make chrome plating an excellent and economical choice for steel and aluminum manufacturers.

Work Roll Grinding

Neo utilizes the highest level of grinding equipment to meet the tightest tolerances in the industry. As various rolls have different dimension, material and application requirements, Neo can meet the specifications for a wide range of surface finishes and roll shapes.

Chock & Bearing Inspection

Chock and bearing conditions are vital for the proper performance of the rolls. During inspection all bearing parts are carefully checked and chock dimensions are precisely measured.

EDT Texturing

EDT texturing is a process of creating a specified texture on the surface of the work roll for steel and aluminum mills. The uniform surface finish is obtained by the application of electric current.

Mechanical Plating

Chrome plating extends the life of all types of mechanical parts. From process rolls to can lines, from stamping dies to cylinder shafts − the benefits of chrome plating, which include high hardness, low coefficient of friction, and resistance to corrosion are industry proven.


Neo offers logistic services with professional drivers and equipment specifically designed for transportation of work rolls. Our modern equipment with GPS tracking allows us to monitor our progress, adjust driver route if necessary and meet scheduled delivery times.

Values that Drive Us Forward

Neo employees pride ourselves in providing top quality services with high-tech equipment and quick turnaround times. Our core values propel us towards excellence and keep us constantly on the cutting edge of the industry.
We ensure every work roll returned to you is of the utmost quality so you can produce the highest quality product as possible. By focusing on providing excellent quality services, we effectively help the industry move forward and keep your business at peak performance.
By constantly pushing technological and manufacturing frontiers, we better learn how to service our customers and anticipate your needs as the industry evolves. With Neo, you have a business partner that is committed to finding new and better paths to success.
Providing our employees and customers with the best in safety and safety precautions is our number one priority. Our facilities are outfitted with the very best in safety equipment, while our work roll services are completed in properly maintained environments.
Our eyes are set on the future. Neo Industries is constantly striving towards continuous improvement while maintaining a plan for long-term stability that puts us on a trajectory towards a healthy future for you and the industry as a whole.

Have a Challenging Project?

Get in contact with us at any of our dedicated Neo Industries facilities and we’ll help come up with a solution that fits your applications! With Neo, you’re moving towards success

Quality in Action

Check out our wide variety of high-quality work roll services to help bring you to the top of your game, including chrome plating, grinding, EDT texturing, and more!

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